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If you have a transaction date field that you can add to the report, you can add a formula on that field: max(?)

This should give the record that has the most recent date, but it will group by all... (More)

We admit that It's not a very useful error message, but it does have a very common reason. The error is most likely caused by one of these errors in the Architect (and one potentially due to formulas in the... (More)

Yurbi is not like other tools where you just write an SQL query and dump it into a spreadsheet.

First, there are no writing SQL queries, building reports are code-free in Yurbi.

But second, and more importantly, the role of... (More)

Yurbi has 4 levels of security, authentication, access, role-based (for builders, folders, and reports), and data-level.

Our recommendation is to consider your use cases for security before jumping in to create a lot of reports. Otherwise, you may have to... (More)