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This error typically indicates an expired license and can occur in a few situations.

The most common is during your initial installation and after activation. If there is a communication issue or timeout between our activation server and your... (More)

Update: As of the Build you now can view the SQL directly from the Builder.

If you are not on that version yet or in case your organization has hidden that feature238, you can still use the methods... (More)

You can replace the Yurbi with your own by adding an entry to the CustomJS file on the Yurbi server. By placing it there, you don't have to worry about the change being overwritten when you apply upgrades to Yurbi.... (More)

This most likely occurs when you first switch from demo mode of a new installation to production mode. The first time you do that switch, the production database has to initialize and depending on the speed of your server, sometimes... (More)