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Asked a question 10 months ago

I get this message when I try to log in I unlocked the port 5432 but the message still showing.

Where am I?

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Hi Edwin,

This issue is most commonly related with IIS or Yurbi's configuration within IIS.  Especially on a new installation.

To test that IIS and the Yurbi APIs are working properly,  please enter the following URLs in a browser on the Server.   In order to see the error descriptions you have to run this from a browser on your Yurbi Server: 


If you see an error message returned, please take a screenshot of that and post.   

If you see the message "You have created a service" followed by instructions on how to test the service, that means it is working as normal, and we'll take next troubleshooting steps from there.

Also, by default Yurbi uses the default website on port 80. Yurbi also by default uses ports 8075, 5432 and 5532.