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Welcome to the Yurbi Community
Welcome to the Yurbi Community

Hi all, at 5000fish, we believe there’s nothing more unstoppable than when people come together. This group’s mission is to create a community of customers, partners, and supporters of the Yurbi platform so that together, we can make our tag line a reality - "Bring Your Data to Life."

We encourage you to join primarily to get the questions and information you need to make the best of Yurbi in your organization. Our team will be very active in seeding questions and sharing information in the community so that this will be a valuable place for you to spend time.

We encourage you to also add questions, participate in discussions, and become an integrate part of this little community.

If you have feedback, questions, or would like to get more involved, email


🎉Introducing Treemaps; The Latest Yurbi Data Visualization Type

We're happy to add a new visualization to the Yurbi platform, the treemap!

Treemaps are easy to understand and as you'll see in the video below, we also make it easy to create them in the Yurbi builder (and do... (More)

You can find the full list with screenshot examples here -

Our goal with visualizations is to keep them to a core set that the overwhelmingly majority of business users understand. So you won't find as many options as... (More)

Latest Updates

💥New Updates: Yurbi v11.2 Build

New features and fixes:

The following fixes and improvements apply to v11.2 Build

New Visualization Treemap: visualize data in nested rectangles/tiles.

Bug fix: Inlist prompt failed to get values when distinct option is enabled.

Bug fix:... (More)

Here is a screen shot of the error:

To confirm the issue, on the server browser, go to http://localhost/yurbiws/yurbiwebservice.svc56 and it most likely will show you this error page:

If you see the reference to a file ending in _www... (More)